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Cold Brew Method


Coffee Beans | 2oz | 4oz | 6oz   -   Filtered Water | 14oz | 28oz | 42oz
1. Prepare your ingredients at a ratio of one part Storyville Prologue coffee to seven parts filtered water by weight.
2. Set your grinder in the "coarse" range and grind your beans.
3. Combine the grinds and room temperature filtered water in the vessel of your choosing. There are dedicated cold brewers, but a French Press or even a basic mason jar will work. You can also place the grounds in a fillable mesh tea bag to make step 5 even easier. 
4. Let this mixture steep at room temp for 16 hours.
5. Strain/filter the coffee. This can be done by simply removing your mesh tea bag of grounds (our favorite method). If you chose the french press method, simply press down on the strainer and pour (this will yield a more pronounced mouthfeel). If you used a mason jar or wish to further filter your french press cold brew, pour the mixture through a paper coffee filter or a strainer lined with cheesecloth.
6. As soon as you strain and filter your cold brewmove it to the refrigerator for storage
7. You now have beautiful, bold and silky smooth cold brew concentrate. For the perfect cup of cold brew coffeewe recommend a ratio of one part concentrate mixed with one part filtered water. Want a cold brew latte? Mix one part concentrate with one part milk or your favorite alternative. 
8. Your cold brew concentrate will last in the refrigerator for up to 7 days.