Esther Mae's Granola
Esther Mae's Granola

Esther Mae's Granola

Granola, the perfect snack or breakfast on the go!  Esther Mae’s Granola has been a staple in her family for years, and now is available at Storyville and online.  Fresh crunchy goodness that has no fillers, additives or preservatives.

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We use extra virgin organic coconut oil (the gold standard for coconut oil), raw organic honey, and organic maple syrup for all natural sweetness.

Enjoy this crunchy treat with milk or over yogurt for a balanced breakfast or by itself for a toasty snack!

Esther Mae’s Granola was created out of a desire for a healthy, organic, low sugar, no fillers breakfast or snack for her family. It was an instant hit and over the years it has stood the test of time. Storyville and Esther Mae’s granola are a perfect match; filling, delicious and nutritious!

A Perfect Combination of Ingredients

Crafted with whole pecans and almonds, then loaded with toasted oats and dried fruit. Sweetened with organic honey and raw maple syrup using no refined cane sugars